Andre Daniels is a recurring character on the hit BET drama Being Mary Jane. A Season One regular, Daniels is the married ex-lover of Television Journalist Mary Jane Paul. He is portrayed by American actor Omari Hardwick.

Andre Daniels

Andre Daniels, Mary Jane's ex-lover

Biography Edit

Andre is a successfully married businessman. Originally from a rough lifestyle, Andre is now "happily" married to his wife Avery, herself a fan of Andre's mistress Mary Jane, and the two live in the suburbs of Atlanta with their two children.

Andre and Mary Jane have been seeing each other for a few months, Mary Jane learns of Andre's marriage when she discovers his marriage ring one morning after sleeping with him. That same day, Mary Jane sees Andre and his wife shopping at the same shoe store she shops at. Because of this, Mary Jane believes the two should not continue seeing each other.

After Mary Jane tells Andre's wife Avery of their affair during an encounter at a local store, Andre admits to Avery his affair and they decide to break up after Avery suffers an emotional breakdown. Andre chooses to stay with Mary Jane although she is not sure of their relationship. Because she does not want to ruin the life of his family, Mary Jane sends Andre back to Avery and realizes she was in love with her ex-lover, David Paolk, instead of Andre.