Kara Lynch is a main character on Being Mary Jane. A recent divorcee and workaholic, Kara is the lead producer of Mary Jane's television show as well as a close friend. She is portrayed by American actress Lisa Vidal.

Kara Lynch

Kara Lynch, Superwoman

Biography Edit

Kara Lynch is a lead producer at Satellite News Channel. A Florida native, Kara is of puerto rican descent and the mother of two sons. A recent divorcee, Kara often must choose between her job or her presence in the lives of her children. After 15 years of marriage, both of her sons are in the custody of her ex husband.

A lead producer of Mary Jane's show, Kara and Mary Jane often try not to let their friendship influence their careers. Despite several arguments over what is displayed on her show, Kara and Mary Jane are very close friends. The two often hang out outside of work, as well as confine in each other their problems. Kara is the only one of her friends who Mary Jane seems to trust with her relationship issues.