Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley, Anchorman

Mark Bradley is a regular character on the hit series Being Mary Jane. A news anchor, Mark is a good friend of co-worker Mary Jane Paul. He is portrayed by American actor Aaron D. Spears.

Biography Edit

Mark Bradley is an anchorman at Satellite News Channel and a co-worker of both Mary Jane Paul and Kara Lynch. A friendly guy, He is very close friends with Mary Jane, and trusts her with many of his secrets.

In the first season, Mark reveals to Mary Jane that he is homosexual and has been living with a male partner for the last five years. Mary Jane is the only person that Mark is trusting with his secret, although it eventually gets let out to Kara during an argument between Mary Jane and Kara. Although the fact that Kara knows Mark's secret remains unknown to Mark, Kara often tried to get the truth out of him herself by making gay references and jokes when she was around Mark.