Mary jane Paul

Mary Jane Paul, News Anchor and Successful Woman

Mary Jane Paul is the main title character of Being Mary Jane. A successful African American woman, Mary Jane is a television news anchor who remains devoted to her family, despite not sharing her motivation for life, while Mary Jane tries to juggle her family alongside work and her relationships. She is portrayed by American actress Gabrielle Union.

Biography Edit

Born Pauletta Patterson in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, Mary Jane is a successful television news anchor for Satellite News Channel in her hometown of Atlanta. The daughter of wealthy parents Paul and Helen, Mary Jane remains devoted to her loving father and ill mother while trying to take care of her family as a whole. Mary Jane has a good relationship with both of her parents, as well as her younger brother Paul Jr. She has a difficult relationship with her older brother Patrick, whom is very unmotivated at life and is also a recovering alcoholic. Despite this, Mary Jane gets along well with Patrick's teenage daughter Niecy, who views Mary Jane as an influential woman. Pregnant with her second child at the beginning of season one, Mary Jane also allows Niecy to hold her baby shower at Mary Jane's large estate in the suburbs of Atlanta and also is at Niecy's bedside when she gives birth to her daughter in the finale of the first season of the show. Overall, Mary Jane is very close with her immediate family as well as her paternal Aunt Toni who she visits in Season One.

Love Life Edit

During Season One, Mary Jane is first involved with Andre Daniels, although she has no knowledge of his supposedly happy marriage. After several months of seeing each other, Mary Jane learns of his marriage after she finds his wedding ring the morning after sleeping with him. That same day, Mary Jane runs into the "happily" married couple at a local shoe store. Mary Jane soon runs into Andre's wife Avery, herself a fan of Andre, at a local store and tells her about the affair. Although Mary Jane can't deal with being a married man's lover, Avery kicked Andre out after an emotional breakdown and Andre chooses to stay with Mary Jane. However, Mary Jane learns that he is, in fact, still in love with his wife and breaks up with him because she does not want to ruin the lives of his family. Mary Jane also realizes that she was only using Andre because she misses her recent ex-boyfriend, David Paulk, who she sees as the one that got away. After revealing to David her love for him in the season finale, Mary Jane learns that he is happily committed to his new fiancee. Ultimately, Mary Jane ends the first season single. In seasdkdpekdldon 4 Mary Jane starts dating a successful business man named justin

Friendships Edit

Despite several disagreements during the first season, Mary Jane is very close friends with the lead producer at Satellite News Channel Kara Lynch. The two often go out together, and confide in each other with their problems. Mary Jane's closest friend, however, is Dr. Lisa Hudson, a gynecologist she has been best friends with since high school. Other close friends include her co-anchor Mark Bradley, and publicist Nichelle.